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Grandhost of Nagash (updated with 2019 GHB points)

So the marvelous list I was going to put together was short lived when the release of the GHB came out 2 months early (suspiciously after contrast paints I might add) and completely dashed my functional death army idea to bits. But like any good necromancer I raised it from the dead and stitched it back together. So here goes.

Grand Host of Nagash 2000pts
Realm: Hysh

Nagash – 850pts
– General (duh)
– Fading vigour, amethystine pinions, vile transference

Necromancer – 130pts
– Overwhelming dread
– Artifact: Aetherquartz brooch

Guardian of souls with mortality glass – 140pts

20 chainrasps – 160pts

5 Dire wolves – 70pts

5 Dire Wolves – 70pts

30 Grimghast Reapers – 420pts

Endless Spells:
Spell portal – 70pts
Palisade – 30pts
Soulseeker – 60pts

TOTAL: 2000pts

How it works:
The idea is pretty straight forward, you place your grimghasts in proper boat man formation and cast the attack twice spell. Next cast the boat and launch your grimghasts 12″ across the table, you will lose one, but luckily Nagash immediately brings it back. After that cast Temporal Translocation and move the grimghasts an additional 6″ followed by whatever other spells you wanted if you are in range. Proceed to use supreme lord of the undead and carry on moving your grimghasts another 8″ forward for a total of 24″ of movement. You should be able to free charge whatever you wish and pile in a second time and attack some more. Even if your enemy manages to kill the Grimghasts you can command point and bring them back from a gravesite and proceed the attack twice, move forward combo until your opponent no longer can withstand the assault.

Best part, because of the aether brooch every time you spend a command point you can get it back on a 5+

The new changes hurt a lot of combos and armies but I think the above has a lot of potential, let us know what you think!