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Maggotkin Blight Cyst 2000pts AOS

AoS is pretty straight forward, run your dudes up and kill stuff, the only difference at high level is timing and placement. Anyway here’s my Maggotkin list!

Blight Cyst – 220pts

Bloab Rot Spawn – 260pts
– Spell: Rancid Visitations, Foul Regenesis

Festus Leechlord – 140pts
– Spell: Favoured Poxes, Foul Regenesis

Sorcerer – 120pts
-Spell: Blades of Putrefaction, Foul Regenesis

Harbinger of decay – 160pts
– Artifact: The Carrion Dirge
– Command Trait: Hideous Visage

Lord of blights – 140pts
– Artifact: Rustfang

15 Blight Kings – 480pts

5 Blight Kings – 160pts

5 Blight Kings – 160pts

5 Blight Kings – 160pts

TOTAL: 2000pts
leaders: 5
Battleline: 3
Behemoth: 1

Drops: 3

The idea is pretty straight forward, use the big boy blight king unit to slam into your opponent or get slammed on. The Harbinger of decay is a support character primarily, he can fight but in this you want him roaming around behind your forces throwing his -4 bravery abilities at people while your casters mess with armour saves and buff your dudes. Use the free tree and place it in the center of the battlefield, it’ll make your opponent hesitate in meeting you in the center flank and thus gaining board control, plus its nurgle fuckery. Try and keep your forces inside the Harbingers bubble of 5+ “Feel no pain” It goes a long way and will keep you swinging.

Use the wheel to your advantage and don’t be afraid to use foul regenisis to gig it. The addition abilities it provides are pretty banana pants.

Hope you cock mongers enjoy it, let us know what you think in the comments and on facebook!